In 2011 ECCE’LECTRO becomes co-founder of the PISEO photometry laboratory as part of a project initiated by the THE and co-financed by the Innovation Agency (€2M). A guarantee of quality and expertise, in 2014 PISEO was notified Laboratoire TL by LCIE ureau Veritas and COFRAC accreditation in 2016.

Thanks to this laboratory ECCE’LECTRO has at its disposal first-class photometric measuring and LED testing equipment at European level, such as an outstanding cooled mirror gonio-photometer and spectrophotometer.

The various tests carried out range from photometric and electrical characterisation to photobiological safety, thermal studies, performance and reliability tests and ENEC+ certification.

These tests are necessary to comply with the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC which is mandatory for manufacturers of Recessed. They therefore fall within the scope of the CE marking.