ECCE’LECTRO has chosen since its creation to work in a network to ensure its development. This innovative initial choice has proven to be a key success factor for the development of innovative solutions. In 2008 ECCE’LECTRO became one of the first members of the CLUSTER LIGHT which brings together all the players in the lighting sector in France, with a director elected to the Board of Directors.

Within the Cluster ECCE’LECTRO actively participates in collaborative working groups dedicated to innovation and improvement of LED products. The LUMART’HOME solution for wall cladding with Recessed is being presented at the FORUM LED in 2010.

The conference and training cycles organised regularly with experts and recognised professional organisations such as the AFE or the CSTB ensure that ECCE’LECTRO masters regulations, good practices and innovations in urban and building lighting.

Since 2016, ECCE’LECTRO has been participating in the "Horizon 2020" research programme funded by the European Union, as part of the Delphi4LED R&D project aimed at better understanding and modelling the functioning of Recessed.