Thelighting is renowned for its exceptional characteristics that make it a durable light source: long life, low consumption, small footprint, vibration resistance, and ease of operation.

The light and energy performance Recessed are constantly improving and have already become the most efficient source of lighting. For sustainable development, the qualities of Recessed such as low energy consumption and long service life are unbeatable.
Our environmental policy aims to achieve excellence in terms of environmental impact and compliance with European directives: reduction of harmful substances (RoHS), prohibition of hazardous chemicals (REACH), waste recycling.

ECCE’LECTRO applies the Directive on the management of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) and finances the recycling of all luminaires produced through an eco-organisation that takes back and recycles used electrical lighting equipment free of charge: ECOSYSTEM.

The continuous improvement in LED luminous efficacy and lifetime of LEDs contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of lighting.
ECCE’LECTRO s’engage aussi à développer des luminaires LED éco-conçus afin de réduire les impacts environnementaux de ses produits tout au long de leur cycle de vie.

Luminaire LED eco-conception durabilité environnement écologie