Longchamp Racecourse

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Project Description

Longchamp Racecourse

Paris / Ile-de-France (78)

Spots Stella and Walix Handrail LED

The Longchamp hippodrome, 160m long, 35m wide and 23m high, is located in the Boulogne Woods and hosts a large number of horse races, including the prestigious Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. For the lighting of this building, 3000 spots Stella were installed on the steps and under the benches as well 300 Walix in LED handrails:

• Spot STELLA built-in waterproof with a power LED resinated in a compact aluminum cast iron body.
• WALIX Handrail LED screwed into the railings with a symmetrical directional light flow while diving to illuminate on the ground.

Architect :
Dominique Perrault

Bouygues ES